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About Us

We are a grassroots program designed to assist our Latinx Dreamers, DACA, AB-540 and Undocumented students. We aim to assist these students to strive for success towards transfer to prestigious universities and future careers in STEM.

Our early beginnings started from Biology Club at College of the Canyons. We initially begun this program due to the compelling statistics of Latinx student population retention as a whole rate not even isolating that statistics accounting for Latinx Students in STEM.

We at College of the Canyons pride ourselves as being a Hispanic Serving Institute, so why not design programs contributing to our Latinx success.

We believe there should not be any barriers or borders stopping these brilliant minds from becoming the next Doctors, Researchers, Engineers and Professionals.


Our Goal

Our Goal is to provide these students with access and resources to motivate students and assist them to success.

The typical student from this community is under the pressures of living with the stress of being seen as an outsider and being discriminated, they work multiple jobs to pay their own and their families bills, they have to worry about their legal status as a memorandum controlled by politics deciding their future fate.

This is the typical student. When we dig deeper STEM students take on very rigorous fields of study that many times cause high dropout rates.

We can already see how these students from these communities in STEM are already at a disadvantage as well as setup for failure.

We hope that through this program we can stimulate the transfer rate of our Latin student population by giving them the tools and assistance for success.

Statistics Page


U.S. Dropout rates from 2006 to 2017 by race (

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Transfer and Retention Rates at College of the Canyons